What if you could stop figuring out your business strategy alone?

Does this sound like you?

  • You're having some success in your business, but are unsure of your next direction and want help to scale to the next level.

  • You love your business and your life and want to make time for both.

  • You like setting goals, but lose momentum and are ready for some serious accountability to achieve them.

  • You have so many ideas you don't know where to begin and want an expert to help guide your next steps.

  • You're serious about your business, ready to feel more organized and intentional.  You're ready to grow on purpose.  


Coach & Kim Coaching Pods


What if you could stop feeling overwhelmed and knew exactly what to work on in your business every day? 


Imagine having a plan that fits exactly the way you like to work?  One that would help you accomplish important projects in your business that will actually move your business forward?


In our Coaching Pods you'll learn the skills of being a business owner who makes intentional decisions.  Together, we'll craft your business and marketing strategy so you'll know what to do and why you're doing it.  You'll learn through implementation not just consuming more information.


Business strategy is NOT one-size-fits-all. 


We help you create a business strategy based on your long-term goals, your natural strengths, and industry knowledge about what actually works. We've seen behind the scenes of hundreds of coaching businesses and we can help shortcut your path to success.  


We'd love to be on your business team for the next six months!




A small group coaching experience that will change your business forever.

You have to start thinking like a successful business owner before you become one. The Coach & Kim Coaching Pods will help you learn that skill and much more!  This program will be one of the best PIVOTS you ever make in your business.





These can be scheduled anytime during your six months.  They are great to use when you need to create a project plan, sales funnel, email series, or simply plan your quarterly goals & projects.


Whenever we have a shortcut, we share it with you.  When we don't, we work together to create one.  I add all of these resources to an ever-growing resource library you'll have access to.



You'll have access to many tools, including a shared Accountability Dashboard to track your goals, projects, marketing and more. 


We won't give up on you and won't let you give up on you either.





Connection, accountability, relationship building, & support. It's also just SUPER FUN to hangout with other smart coaches.


This is our favorite part of the program and puts you on the fast track to success.


You'll have personal chat access with Coach + Kim through the client community. We answer questions M-F and often respond the same day.


Lots of fun perks, copy reviews & edits, brainstorming offers, tech and systems help, and more!





I've already made so much money AND space using just what you've already taught me.  I have a way to organize my ideas and access old ones.  I can clearly see my priorities and goals.  I'm so organized I can take action on ideas like I couldn't before, and my assistant was just waiting on me to realize how much she could help.

Elizabeth Salazar

Working with you and Scott on the action, systems, mindset, belief, and healing work has been exactly what my business needed.  I always get an aha from both of you on each session.  I feel like last session was another beautiful turning point for me on this journey. . . and I am SOOOO thankful!  You guys are both gifts!

Phoebe Grace Montemayor

Create more ease in your daily business life:

  • Do less, but better.  Simplify your daily business tasks and routines, so you're spending time on what actually matters.

  • Practice daily mental skills.  Use our custom Mental Skills Journal to fast track your business success by checking in instead of checking out.

  • Have more fun in your business.  Fun is the secret to success, and we'll show you how to include more of it.

  • Figure out your business sweet spot.  We focus on your strengths and help you do more of what you're already good at.

  • Plan with intention.  Simple planning and productivity strategies make all the difference.

  • Create clarity and always know what's next.  Achieve your goals from a calm, confident, relaxed head space.

  • Be an intentional business owner.  Learn the skill of deciding what's next, then create and follow your own strategy instead of copying someone else.


Kim Job

Marketing, Systems, & Strategy

Kim is a seasoned online business owner and Certified Life Coach.  She's worked as an Executive Director at The Life Coach School since 2017 and has played a major part in their multi-million dollar growth and the creation of their business systems.  Whether you need help with marketing, systems and processes, or consistent profitability and getting your brand out there, Kim can help.  She's seen behind the scenes of hundreds of coaching businesses, and has built five online businesses of her own.  She knows what works and can shortcut your path to success.

Scott Job

Mindset, Sales, & Team Building

Scott (a.k.a. Coach) is a certified Leadership & High Performance Coach and loves helping others realize and achieve their potential. He has extensive consulting, coaching, and sales experience and has worked professionally as a sales trainer for many years. His unique, tell-it-like-it-is coaching style quickly makes him a client favorite. He’s an advocate of using mindset tools, energy, and focus to change your life and he’s invested in helping clients make real and lasting progress. Company culture, team building, mindset tools, and sales strategy are his strengths.


How many people will be in each pod?

Is there a Facebook group for the program?

I'm a new coach.  Is this program for me?

My 1:1 spots are full and I'm ready to scale.  Is this program for me?

How long is the program and what time are the calls?

What if I'm not sure what to work on next in my business?

In less than six months of working with Coach & Kim, I had my first five figure month and reached what felt like an "impossible" income goal for the year.  

Rhonda Farr

“ You're the best!  Seriously!  Everything you give us is above and beyond what I imagined I would get when signing up for your program.”

Michelle Arant



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